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Aisle 10
Fanfic Information
Author Qindarka
Genre Romance/General
Rating T
Pairing(s) Creek
Written June 18, 2010
No. of Chapters 12
Status Incomplete
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Aisle 10 is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Qindarka.


Craig lives in a self-created bubble crafted out of irritation with most people and enough imagination to keep him busy. Then he gets a job, one thing leads to another, and well... you know what eventually happens to a bubble.


Craig is really into movies and filming crappy movies and such with his friends. In order to finance his fixation, he works at the grocery store that Clyde works at. He first comes across Tweek there. Things just get pretty awkward from there because Craig is awkward and he doesn’t remember Tweek much at all, while Tweek remembers a lot of things. Craig tries to befriend him and soon he came to the realization he liked Tweek with the help of his younger sister, Ruby. Craig falls in love with Tweek for his quirks and all the little things he could possibly be infatuated with. Tweek on the other hand, has an air of mystery to him. It is strongly implied that Tweek has been stealing little things as a source of comfort, which Tweek flat out denies and gets easily angered about.

It is revealed that the reason why Craig doesn’t remember Tweek much is because Tweek left South Park at an early age because of his father’s coffee business. Later it is known that he is forgetful and can only vaguely remember significant events in the past.

With the help of Red, Token, and Clyde, he manages to woo Tweek to the prom. After dancing and playing the ukulele at the Grocery store, He confesses his feelings to Tweek. However, Tweek rejects him, thinking that Craig doesn’t know him well enough to actually feel that way.

Later in the night Tweek calls him because he can’t sleep, so Craig comes over and makes him pancakes. Tweek is in awe because Craig walked to his house at four in the morning just to make him pancakes, even after the flat rejection. Tweek kisses Craig near his lips and manages to convince him to stay the rest of the night with him.

When Craig wakes up, he gets a voice message from Clyde saying the store got robbed. In the middle of the message Tweek enters and breaks down into tears. There were many unread text messages from Token, Clyde and his mother about the store break-in and his mother reminding him about Church that day. Craig pretends to wake up after Tweek stops crying and Craig notices Tweek's extensive Indiana Jones collection. Tweek describes how last night's kiss "felt right" because he had kissed Craig on the exact spot before he moved, however Craig is still drawing a blank. Tweek tries to trigger his memory by kissing him again on the cheek, but Craig steals the kiss, leaving Tweek infuriated and kicking Craig out of his house.

Craig rushes to church, still in his prom outfit and cleans himself up at the church's washroom. He is late and is scolded by his father, who is upset that Craig did not call or answer his calls or texts. He meets Clyde and Token outside of the church. Clyde says that $500 was stolen out of the money box.

When Craig gets home, he finds the wooden boat back in his coat pocket. He finds his box of mementos under his beat and puts the boat in his box that he has not touched in a long time. He finds an old camcorder from a Kellogs cereal box promotion and puts in batteries to see what was left on the camcorder. It was Craig Tucker and Tweek in the 4th grade on the steel merry-go-round remenicing about where they're ticklish and their interests and how they promised never to forget about each other because Tweek is moving. This finally triggers Craig's memory with every detail about Tweek coming back.

The next day, Tweek is nowhere to be found at school and when Clyde and Craig get to school, only Token is sitting at their usual table. Clyde asks for the keys to the store from Craig, however Clyde finds out one of the keys to the top lock is missing from the ring. Craig forgets about the key the next day and the day after, he bikes to school to avoid Clyde when he picks him up. Craig never got the key for Clyde. Tweek has been absent for a few days now, so Craig skips work to go to Tweek's house to deliver his homework to get a chance to speak with him. Ms. Tweek is in the garage, organizing boxes and tells Craig to give the homework to her so she can give it to Tweek because he's sick.

Craig comes up with another plan to talk to Tweek by setting up a homework run from Tweek's neighbor: Reggie "Dog Poo" Petuski. Craig gets Petuski to deliver Tweek's homework and he slips in a paper boat with a note saying: "Friday. 4pm. South Park Elementary. I'll see you there."

Tweek finally meets up with Craig behind South Park Elementary by the steel merry-go-round and is revealed that he wasn't actually physically sick, but just needed to isolate himself. Craig shows Tweek the video of him and Craig in the 4th grade. The purpose of the video was to help Craig remember Tweek but he slowly stopped watching the video the longer Tweek was gone. Tweek explains how he clung onto Craig because his fondest memories were with him in South Park. Craig de-values himself and says he's "weak and a coward" and when his emotions go haywire, he buries them deep and forgets. He tells Tweek how he is the strongest person he knows, which Craig had told Tweek in 4th grade at the Hospital. At the hospital in 4th grade was when Tweek fell for Craig, after hearing how he was the strongest person because Craig was the only person to say that. Craig wants to move on and create new memories and admits he's sorry for forgetting about the past. He also tells Tweek about how he's never liked anyone quite how he likes him and that he may not find someone like him again. Tweek tells Craig how he wants to leave South Park and travel to places on his own accord without any agenda or restrictions. Craig tries to convince him that at 17, it's a terrible idea to pack up and leave but Tweek shuts down his argument by saying how Dr. Jones was a professor and Indie was an adventure but eventually agress to start new memories if Craig agrees to go on an adventure with him and records and overwrites over the old footage of the boys in the 4th grade. To ensure that Craig doesn't forget this time, Tweek leans forward, grabs Craig by his hat strings and kisses him on the lips.

Craig thoughts are still skeptical and that the 'adventure' will only last a day or two but still is willing to go on an adventure with Tweek, planning to find the missing key later.

Craig then finds the key in his room, where Tweek must have placed it. Craig gives the key to Clyde and Clyde finds out it was Tweek who took the money, and Craig knew too but tried to deny it.

It soon becomes 3 am the next morning and Tweek calls him to state that he is leaving for his adventure. Craig meets him behind a building and immediately kisses him. Craig says he wants to go on the adventure with him so they head off.

they soon find the car that Clyde crashed a while back. they slept in the car and some how end up laying next to each other the whole night (intense.)!

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