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Author mr. eames
Genre Romance
Rating T
Pairing(s) Creek
Written July 18, 2008
No. of Chapters 15
Completed September 22, 2008
Status Complete
Link Addict
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Always Addict A Lack of Color

Addict is a fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by mr. eames.


Craig was addicted to a lot of things. Overuse of non-verbal swearing, cigarettes and even lying. But he really only needed one thing, even if he didn't realize it. He didn't need anything else but him.


Craig is late for school because electricity went off; he finds Stan at school in the hallway who, since he lives a block away from him, has had the same problem. Craig invents a lie and enjoy seeing Stan and Kyle believe it.

At lunch, Craig goes over to Christophe DeLorne to ask him for cigarettes - he gets them for free because Tophe apparently likes him. At Shakespeare class, when Kyle asks what's going on between Craig and his best friend Tweek, Craig bounces the question back to Kyle and Stan, finding out that Kyle likes Stan and for some reason doesn't want Christophe to know. Craig wants to tell someone, but he doesn't go beyond a joke at the bus.

Tweek and Craig go to the latter's home to watch Red Racer and Craig remembers the first time he helped Tweek calmed down when they were nine and Tweek was afraid of what could be under Craig's bed. He'd also told Clyde Donovan that Tweek was now his best friend.

Craig and Tweek go to Token's for a movie night. When almost everyone's asleep, Tweek spills hot coffee on himself and, to shut him up, Craig pins him down on the couch and everyone sees it. Craig and Tweek go to find the latter a sweater to change into, and when Tweek states his fear of fucking things up and end up being ditched, Craig calms him down once more.

On Monday, Craig gets called down to the counselor for smoking at school, and the counselor suggests Craig is addicted to what makes him feel good: nicotine, lying and Tweek. Later, since Kyle is the one blushing and avoiding eye contact, Craig supposes it was Kyle who told on him. In revenge, he tells Christophe that Kyle likes Stan.

Craig knows Kenny, who he feels uncomfortable with because of Kenny holding up a façade and not really being trustful, wants to talk to him, and hides in the bathroom during the break. Stan finds him there and tells him Kyle is really upset. In Literature class Craig and Kyle apologize to each other. On Physical Education class, Craig thinks about how much he hates complicating things with Tweek, and then Kenny finds him and takes him away to talk.

Kenny tells Craig there's something between Kyle and Christophe, and also that he has to choose between doing something or keep doing nothing about Tweek. Craig instead decides to stop talking to everyone in order to avoid getting himself or Tweek hurt. Craig starts hanging out with Christophe instead, who warns him he'll end up hurting Tweek anyway doing that. They skip the last classes together for several days, comforting each other with the thought that love is hopeless.

On Friday, Clyde confronts them saying that everyone, specially Tweek, is sadder because they think Craig has left them for Christophe. Craig flips him off.

Next day, since Christophe is grounded, Craig visits Butters. Kenny is with him. Butters comments on the situation with Craig's friends and then asks if Craig loves Tweek. When Craig denies it, he feels the familiar relief of lying. On Monday, Craig decides to stop skipping and see his friends again; he notices Tweek is not the cheerful himself anymore and decides to go to his house later and talk to Kenny as well. Craig goes to Stan's house with Christophe and almost everyone's there. They find out that Kenny has committed suicide. Craig stays all evening with Tweek until he falls asleep.

Craig is kicked out of his house for being late. He finds Kenny and they both go eat together. Instead of talking about Craig they talk about Kenny's deaths and suicidal tendencies, and Kenny ends up sending Craig to Wendy Testaburger. Craig does so after spending all week with Tweek. Craig finds out it was Wendy who made Tweek think Craig didn't want to be his friend anymore, just like she took Thomas away from him years ago accidentally.

A couple days later, at Tweek's, Craig suddenly kisses him, and leaves when Tweek starts to freak out about everyone finding out. Craig decides to take a dose of LSD and manages to hide it from his family, call Christophe and end up sleeping in a church with no pants, which is how he goes to school next day. Tweek and him are kind of distant.

Next day it's snow day and Craigs meets with Kenny at the railroads after a short chat with Damien about how Christophe's not talking to Craig anymore. Kenny tells him to talk to Tweek; he has already done so. Craig starts crying and runs to Christophe's door, because he'd always been a friend when there was no one else. Christophe ends up suggesting him to pretend they're both dating, so as to get Kyle and possibly Tweek jealous. They behave strangely at lunch, and Kyle ends up punching Craig and saying out loud he loves Tweek, and they get taken to counselor. When they go back to class Craig tells Kyle that it was all a charade, and that he should go back with Christophe.

Craig then goes home with Tweek, who tells him he doesn't really mind the kiss because he wants Craig to be around.

Next day, Stan complains to Craig about not wanting to see Kyle. Neither Kyle nor Christophe show up. At Phys Ed class, Kenny seems surprised to know Tweek doesn't want to be more than friends.

When Craig drives Tweek to the airport for his one week family vacation, he thinks he'll never be that close to Tweek again.

Stan calls Craig late to ask him to stay the night, and tells him it was actually Christophe who dumped Kyle, and that he is actually a virgin. He shows Craig a photograph of his birthday when they were kids. They go all together to the diner where it'd been, without Kyle and Tweek. Kenny tells Craig he has a plan, if he does love Tweek. Craig says yes. The plan is to make the party after Christmas when Tweek comes back, and Craig manages to get their parents to agree and not be in the house at the moment. Tweek doesn't show up at the party.

Craig runs away to the playground and Tweek appears a while later, says his flight was delayed and kisses Craig.

In the epilogue, Craig's with Tweek, and gets along with his family; Kyle remains undecided between Christophe and Stan. Kenny is kind-of-but-not-yet dating the naïve Butters.

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