Fanfic Information
Author Suki-Itami
Genre Romance/Tragedy
Rating T+/16+
Pairing(s) K2 (Main), Stary(?), Kevlley, Candy
Written October 9, 2011
No. of Chapters 2
Status Incomplete
Link Abysmal
Warnings Sexual themes/situations, suicide attempts, yaoi/slash, shounen-ai/bl, character death
Fic Chronology
In the Night Abysmal

Abysmal is a oneshot fanfiction written and published on DeviantART by Suki-Itami. The story is being told through Kenny McCormick's Point of View.


Without you here, the world is dark and hope for me is lost. Everything is abysmal.


At the beginning of the first chapter, there is a prologue establishing what will occur but not giving any details. It seems to simply be about Kenny's feelings of the situation.

The story then goes back to 5 years before the prologue when Kenny's waking up to go to school. He goes through his morning routine after the mention of his younger sister's, Karen McCormick's failed suicide attempt. From there, Kenny goes on to seemingly mentally chastise him and his older brother, Kevin McCormick for "failing at raising" Karen since their parents don't appear to ever be around. The end of the current chapter has Kenny following Karen over to Broflvoski house for help with her homework, and while they walk, Kenny mentions his heart beating faster the closer they got to the house. He appears confused about this since his thoughts are focused on Kyle Broflovski.


  • Abysmal appears to be the only multi-chapter fanfiction the author has no intention of putting on FanFiction.Net
  • The current chapters of Abysmal are also on Y-Gallery

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