A Girl Called Bailey
Bailey being introduced
Fanfic Information
Author Dudette22
Genre Science Fiction/Adventure
Rating T
Pairing(s) Kenny/Bailey, brief Stendy, brief Kydie
Written October 21, 2012
No. of Chapters 2
Status Complete
Link A Girl Called Bailey
Warnings Sexual references, violence, language
Fic Chronology
A Girl Called Bailey

A Girl Called Bailey is a fanfiction by Dudette22. It introduces an Original Character named Bailey Swanson.


A new girl moves to South Park and has trouble fitting in with everyone. She meets Kenny McCormick, the only person who accepts her.


At South Park Elementary, all the kids are chatting in class, when Mr Garrison comes in. He announces that a new student has arrived in South Park and all the kids are disappointed. He calls out the door and a little kid wearing a blue parka walks through the door. Mr Garrison introduces Bailey Swanson and says he/she just moved from Hawkreach, Vermont with her father. Stan asks if "it" is a boy or girl. Mr Garrison looks at her/him and says he isn't sure. He tells the kid to pull her/his hood down. She/He says no and Mr Garrison retaliates by pulling it down, despite the child's hesitation.

She is revealed to be a girl, having red hair in short pigtails. Kenny immediately develops a crush on her and goes lovey-dovey for her. Mr Garrison asks Bailey what she likes and she says she likes books and farming. All the kids laugh at her and she begins to cry. She sits at her seat and puts her hood back up, pulling the strings to hide her face.

At lunch, Bailey is forced by the kids to sit at the bin and since she doesn't have a lunch, eats out of it. Kenny sees her head-first in the bin and asks why. Bailey pulls her hood down and says that she didn't get lunch, as her dad hadn't gave her any. Kenny gives her his lunch and offers her a seat at the girls' table. She is happy and agrees too. Kenny holds her hand and pulls her to the girls' table. All the girls look down on Bailey and in her embarrassment, she pulls her hood up. Kenny walks away to the boys' table and watches Bailey.

Cartman asks why Kenny is being so stupid for a faggy girl. Kenny defends Bailey, saying that she isn't faggy and that she's nice. Cartman whispers to Stan and Kyle that Kenny is never going to get Bailey as his girlfriend. Kyle is supportive of Kenny and Bailey's relationship (even thought he doesn't like Bailey either) and tells Kenny to ask her out. Kenny asks if he really should and Kyle says it would help their relationship. Plus, they could triple date (Stan and Wendy, Kyle and Indie, Kenny and Bailey).

At Bailey's locker, Kenny asks her if she would like to have a triple date, along with Stan and Kyle. Bailey says shyly she would love to and pulls her and Kenny's hood down so she can kiss him on his cheek. Kenny immediately goes bright red. Bailey says that everyone can come round her house and happily walks away. Kenny is still frozen.

At Bailey's house, everyone (except Cartman) arrives and Bailey lets them in. She has a very small house with stains and dirt everywhere and a broken couch. Bailey says she's just cook pizza and gets it out her stove. Indie asks Bailey what is wrong with her house. Kenny hits Indie in the arm for this. Everyone sits down and Bailey turns off the lights and turns on her TV, sorting out the satellite. A porno turns on and everyone (except Bailey and Kenny) is disgusted. Bailey quickly turns it to a black and white romance movie.

Kenny attempts to start a relationship with Bailey and so, he kisses her head. She takes off her hood and kisses him back. They both hug each other. Bailey begin to kiss Kenny all over his body and ends up giving him a blowjob. While trying to tell Kenny the movie is boring, Kyle witnesses this, gets up and turns on the lights. Everyone sees Bailey and leaves, completely disgusted. Bailey has no idea why everyone is upset and attempts to do it again, only to have Kenny stop her. She asks him what is wrong and he says he has to go. He runs out of Bailey's house.

The next day, Bailey goes to Indie's house and asks her what is wrong with Kenny. Indie says that she doesn't know, as Kenny is one to like blowjobs. Bailey asks what a blowjob is. Indie is shocked that Bailey doesn't realize how wrong what she did was and slams the door in Bailey's face.

In class, Bailey apologizes to Kenny for making him feel uncomfortable. Kenny truthfully admits that it was the best BJ anyone had given him. Bailey reveals her true feelings for Kenny and asks if they could become boyfriend and girlfriend. Kenny is flattered, but asks if they could wait a little before getting into an official relationship. Bailey agrees and they walk to class together, holding hands.

The episode ends with Kenny threatening the boys to let Bailey in their group and they agree, but their condition is only if she isn't the star of the group. Bailey and Kenny hold hands, jump and freeze in the air together.

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