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Heiman is the romantic pairing of Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner. The pairing first appeared after the two characters were paired up together in the episode "Follow That Egg!" and seemed to get along rather well, aside being Heidi's initial moan of 'Awwww!' on being partnered with him. After breaking their egg, Cartman admits to his wrongdoing and pleads with Mrs. Garrison to change Heidi's grade to a well-deserved A and his to an F when he breaks his egg, though he hopes this will lead to a positive average for both. Heidi's superficial behavior in the ninth season was seen by some fans as a mirror to Cartman's behavior. The characters also interacted in "Probably", "Marjorine", and "Stunning and Brave". The two characters are a key focus of the story arc of Season 20, however, during which they became close friends, and eventually begin a romantic relationship in "The Damned" which has thus far remained canonical.
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