2nd Victory at the Vistula
Fanfic Information
Author Kfirpanther3
Genre Action/Adventure/Crossover
Rating M
Pairing(s) Kybe, Stendy, Kelley, Creidi
Written Sep 21, 2010
No. of Chapters 28
Status Incomplete
Link 2nd Victory at the Vistula
Warnings Ideologically sensitive, Language, Violence, Sexual Themes, Historical References
Fic Chronology
2nd Victory at the Vistula

2nd Victory at the Vistula is a crossover fanfiction written and published on DeviantART by Kfirpanther3.

Plot SummaryEdit

July 22, 2020, as the people of Warsaw are having a random day, The Staler (a combination of Stalin, Hitler, and their goons as one monster) appear and proceed to destroy Warsaw as it spawns Ivan Braginskis and Eric Cartmans as SS and NKVD soldiers, at the same time, Finland is attacked by the Staler's clone. Kyle, Bebe, and a few soldiers are sent to destroy Staler via the anus with a Semtex on its Brain. However, as they enter through its anus, they realize they've entered into Imaginationland, as another war has started at the same moment in Imaginationland.

Political ContentEdit

Much of the story presents the Soviets, and the Nazis as one threat to the Polish and Finnish Nation and state. Kfirpanther3's views on refugees and the 2nd Amendment are presented in Ch. 12, in the form of General Roycewicz giving his views to Craig as he interviews the General. Kyle's attack on Nazis, Liberals, Communists, Yaoi Fans, those who disagree on California's proposition 8, refers to some of the author's conflicts with the latter 4 groups. Anti-Communism is highly emphasized in the story, in the form of Kyle, and other protagonists battling the Soviets and the Nazis.


Much of the story is heavily based on War Films, Action Movies/Games, and FPS games like the Call of Duty series. A lot of characters from many video games, movies, Cartoons, Anime and Some novels/internet literature are to play some roles. Here are the major crossovers


Some of the characters from Hetalia appear in the fanfiction. One of Kyle's soldiers is Feliks Lukasiewicz (Poland) and Erzsebet Hedervary (Hungary). Not to mention the antagonists are Gilbert (Prussia), Natalia (Belarus), Ivan (Russia). Ludwig and Feliciano are present in one of the chapters. But they are presented as people in the story, not personifications.

Grand Theft Auto Edit

Carl Johnson (GTA:SA) is the king of San Andreas, and his brother Sweet Johnson is the King of Imaginationland. Kendl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando rule San Fierro. Their younger brother, Brian Johnson was present in a few chapters and he will be presented in another chapter. Wu Zi Mu, and Emmet are generals. Ryder and Big Smoke would be represented as Government Ministers, even though he originally planned them to be presented as traitors to Carl.

Katyn (2007 film)Edit

The characters Andrzej, Jerzy, and Piotr, and some of the other characters are also present in this fanfiction. General Roycewicz himself is based on the character of Jan Englert.


The characters Paula and Ness are present as soldiers in Luskan.

Dragon AgeEdit

One of the chapters is set in Denerim and the other in the country of Rivaine.


  • General Roycewicz is inspired by one of the characters from the film "Katyn" by Andrzej Wajda. The General in that movie is played by Jan Englert. Not to mention the characters Andrzej, Jerzy (both already in ch. XIX) and Piotr (not yet) are present in the fanfiction.
  • The author was particularly inspired by the artwork "2012 Prophecy of Groke" by TeSzu. Also, he was appalled by the fact that most fanfictions/fanart usually contain Kyle being weak. So he thought this story to counter the idea, and to have Kyle as a soldier.
  • The title "King of San Andreas" is inspired by the criminal rating in GTA:SA "King of San Andreas"
  • The character Pawel, the son of the Education Minister in ch. XII is inspired from the character Pawel Krzystof Kieslowski's "Dekalog, Jeden". The Education Minister himself is based on Pawel's (Dekalog) father.
  • Its possibly one of the few South Park Fanfics with characters using small arms.
  • The fact that Ch. III is set in a Call of Duty:MW2 special ops mission called "Sniper Fi" also refers to that mission.
  • the "rage face" is present in Ch. III as well, as Feliks shouted the "Fuuuuu" because there was no ammunition left for the Maxim M-32/33 he was using.
  • Olavi Bohaterowicz is possibly a (not canon) twin brother of the Cait Sith.
  • Sisu Juice is a fictional drink comprised of Finlandia Vodka, Coca cola, Gunpowder, Sobieski Vodka, Baileys and Rectified Spirit.
  • Being based on action Movies, this fic has guns present most of the time. Kyle himself is armed with a Suomi KP, Blyskawica SMG, a Beryl wz. 96 with ACOG, was once armed with a ZB-26 MG, and the LS-26 machine gun from Finland, although he lost the latter 2 by giving them to refugees to protect themselves.
  • The vandalized T-34 tank with the words "Soviet made Shit" and "Hi Mom" in Ch. XII Refers to this Iraqi T-55 main battle tank, painted with graffiti, along the "Highway of Death"
  • The N-word is also used by some of the characters, without any resentment from African American characters, although the African American characters are also presented.
  • Ch. XVIII is a homage to one of CoD:MW2's missions when you play as Pvt. James Ramirez
  • According to the author, there are 121 instances the F-word was used.
  • The fighting scene and Kyle's swearing in Ch. XXII refer to the "Scarface:The World is yours". In that game, when you press the T key (when the balls meter is full), Tony Montana unleashes rage and swears as he shoots his enemies.
  • The quote "I mean, seeing corpses pile at you can make you insane ... they weren’t unarmed and had plastic keys on them. The Ballas were armed, and had no keys on their necks.", is a reference to an Iran-Iraq War urban myth called "Plastic Keys to Paradise ", as there is no proof of an existence of such plastic keys. The reference on the 1st sentence comes from this: "They come toward our positions in huge hordes with their fists swinging,” an Iraqi officer complained in the summer of 1982. “You can shoot down the first wave and then the second. But at some point the corpses are piling up in front of you, and all you want to do is scream and throw away your weapon. Those are human beings, after all! ”.

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