101 Pairings and then some
Fanfic Information
Author Cszemis
Genre Romance/Humor
Rating T
Pairing(s) Candy
Written September 12, 2006
No. of Chapters 1
Status Complete
Link 101 Pairings and then some
Fic Chronology
The Oedipus Complex 101 Pairings and then some The Irish Had It Right

101 Pairings and then some is a oneshot fanfiction written and published on FanFiction.Net by Cszemis.


The four boys and their girlfriends all go on a quadruple date together. These pairings are Cartman and Nicole, Kyle and Rebecca, Stan and Wendy, and last but not least, Kenny and Kelly.


There are dates going on between all four boys and their girlfriends. Nicole breaks up with Token and asks out Cartman. Kyle was always telling Cartman that he would never get a girlfriend so Cartman dated her just to rub it in his face. This is the story of the first date between Cartman and Nicole. The next date is with Kyle and Rebecca because they both have similar things that happen to them in their lives so they understand each other. The third date is with Stan and Wendy because they are obviously a couple. The fourth date is Kenny and Kelly. Kelly loves Kenny and Kenny dates her because she is the only one who really feels devastated whenever he dies. The four boys all end up on a date with the four girls.

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