✿Blimsey, Baby✿ is a fanfiction written and published on ao3 by South_ParkGal.

Consists on a College AU.


Two relative strangers try to deal with a funny incident.

The angelic British girl, Piper Pirrup, traveled to US for South Park College's scholarship thanks to her hard work studies and follow her dreams to grow into a profesional woman, while she still tries adapting the American lifestyle and some cliche drama.

Having the chance, Damien Thorn runs his own business, a nightclub, while trying to hide his true identity, while living his wild life without worries, responsibilities nor ties.  But only with the image of that angelic woman on his mind.

But things will go into a spiralling pickle after their meet up. Both may be different poles yet similar on some ways, linked by a funny incidente.


  • The story has genderbender, which means some characters gender were changed as Butters and Pip. Pip's name is Piper and Butter's Marjorine.
  • Estella, instead of being Pip's love interest, she's portrayed as a bully.
  • Damien is human, but may keeps some powers from his true linage (?)
  • There some musicals (Hamiltons, Heathers, etc), TV series (Lucifer series, Two and a Half Man, others) and old movie (Mama Mia, Mean Girls, Unfriended) references hinted around.
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