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This information belongs to an original character by Ninthrevolution. None of the following is canon/existent in South Park.

Vasily Ivanovich Morozov, addressed as Basil for convenience, was a male fourth-grade Slavic student at South Park Elementary, who first appears in the Season Thirteen episode "Kinda Gay Bears". His only speaking appearance to date occurs in the aforementioned episode.


He joins South Park Elementary as a new student in the boys' class, not being allowed into the classroom by Mr. Garrison until halfway through the lesson on accident. Basil states his full name, his Russian nationality—which alerts Eric Cartman—and offers his classmates a piece of honey cake. After his offer is rejected, he simply sits down next to Clyde Donovan and places the treat under his own desk, as Cartman immediately concludes that Basil is a KGB agent in disguise.

Throughout his debut episode, Basil is often tormented by the boys due to his foreign mannerisms, tendency to annoy the group, asociality, and compassion, gaining the nickname of “Moron-Zov” in the process.

Eventually, Cartman, with the help of Kenny McCormick, manages to get a recording of Basil speaking his native language through the phone as a way to prove that his theory about the blond being a dangerous communist Russian spy was correct, although this conversation was simply him distressedly ranting to his mother about South Park Elementary. Cartman then blackmails Basil with the ‘secret’ that he had, threatening to reveal it to the school if he did not comply.

In the end, Basil is forced to reveal his ‘secret’ just so that Cartman does not, even though it is not what the latter expected: he is actually Ukrainian, and has been pretending to be Russian all along, this due to the fact he believed he’d gain acceptance if he acted like a well-known cultural stereotype in everyone’s face. He gives a short monologue on authenticity and trust—described as ‘gay’ by the boys—and vows not to bother them ever again.

Since then, he has only appeared in the background of several episodes.


Basil most notably wears a black ushanka, along with a gray denim jacket, a dark red shirt, a pair of black trousers—presumably Adidas—and black shoes. His hair is blonde and wavy.


Basil is presented as a caring and warm-hearted, yet still untalkative and reserved young boy. He tends to keep his peers at arm’s length unless he feels like he has a goal to achieve with them or their help, which may make him appear as serious and self-absorbed due to the fact he seems to have no time for other people. Though even if he’s distant, he seems to care about how other people view him and is willing to give chances, which makes him easy to intimidate. He has also shown to be impulsive yet determined and passionate, showcased by his sudden, unchanging decision to leave school after just spending a few hours inside it, something that also remarks his tendency to avoid confrontation and situations that frighten him.

Basil also seems to be a patriot, displaying great pride for his country of origin; that is, until it is revealed that it was all part of an act, which may in turn suggest insecurity regarding his nationality.


Not much is known about Basil’s family, other than the fact that he seems to live with his mother.


The Boys

The main boys and their extended group constantly mistreated Basil throughout the entirety of “Kinda Gay Bears”, such as when they tied him to a tree and threw rocks at him. However, in later episodes, they seem not to care about his presence anymore.

Eric Cartman

When Basil mentioned his Russian heritage, Cartman instantly concluded that he worked for the Russian government as a spy and deemed him sub-human, berating him for it. Cartman also blackmailed Basil into performing several favors by threatening to reveal a vague secret.

Clyde Donovan

Basil’s seat was positioned next to Clyde’s in his debut episode. They seem to have a neutral relationship.

Other Children

In background scenes, Basil has been seen talking to some other fourth grade students.

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