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• 8/21/2018

Abandon this wiki?

Since this wiki's been pretty dormant, and articles cannot be made, I think we should abandon this wiki.
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• 8/18/2018


I'm honestly bored and was wondering if anyone wanted to RP Gregstophe or Cryde or something like that?
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• 7/15/2018

Delete articles?

I gotta delete a article that I wrote all wrong. I can't edit it. Please, help.
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• 5/21/2018

Why can't I make articles?

Every time I try to edit or make an article, it doesn't work. I use different computers, multiple accounts, everything. HELP!
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• 3/10/2018

Marcus Absent

have you read any of his fanfictions, and what is your opinion of them,l red my name is kenny, cartman rising and the clock ticks on, and those were really good, also do you know any other good authors
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• 12/7/2017

Do you think Matt and Trey should stop the episode continuity?

Tell me you thoughts and if South Park Studios should go back to random episodes so people can jump them. I personally like the episodes linking with one another, but let me know your opinions and reasons.
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• 11/25/2017


Hey, has anyone read the fanfic by Trina4real called 'I Hate Him' ?
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• 9/27/2017

Who is the best couple in South Park (ships included)

I wanna know what you think (personal pick:style)
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• 7/25/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

Yes, we have finally had our system switched from FANDOM's forums to the brand-new Discussions system! This allows you to chat with other South Park fans about whatever you may like -

The GENERAL section is for discussing anything to do with running this wiki - tips, stuff you'd like to see, etc.

The NEWS section is for news related to either the wiki or South Park.

The SOUTH PARK (CANON) section is for discussing the show and only the show as it exists.

The FANON section is for sharing headcanons to your heart's content and posting fan theories!

The SHIPPING section is for discussing your ships with other users!

There's a special section for FANKIDS - talk about original characters there!

The FANWORKS section is for linking to your fanfiction fanart, or roleplays.

The OFFTOPIC section is for talking about anything you want and socializing.

Have fun! :)
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• 8/14/2016

South Parksona

I have this idea for a fan fic:

The Investigation Team recieves an invitation to participate in a foreign student exchange program, where they go to live in South Park for a year. When they reach South Park, they get divided into four groups of two and go live with The Boys .

The Investigation Team as they appear in South Parksona
My chosen setup is as follows, but you're allowed to :
Yu Narukami & Yukiko Amagi & Stan Marsh
Yosuke Hanamura & Chie Satonaka & Kyle Broflovski
Kanji Tatsumi & Naoto Shirogane & Eric Cartman
Rise Kujikawa & Teddie (A.K.A. Kuma) & Kenny McCormick
This marks the beginning of the Midnight Toilet Phenomenon. While Yu is trying to adjust to the timezone, he notices a silhouette in his toilet, and next morning, the media is abuzz with news of a black man's murder. As they search for clues, the boys and Inv.Team get sucked into ImaginationLand, which is now covered in brown fog, similar to the Midnight Channel Incident in Inaba. They discover a new breed of Personas to help them fight against the Shadows that have invaded ImaginationLand and find the identity of the "Minority Murder", as the Inv.Team members get themselves acclimated to life in South Park and the comically surreal situations The Boys, and their fellow community members , often become involved in.
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• 12/23/2015
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• 11/27/2015

What are peoples' thoughts and opinions on the pairing, "Candy" (Cartman and Wendy)?

'''I just want to know what people think of Cartman and Wendy as an item and how much sense would it make considering Cartman and Wendy's individual personalities?'''
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• 8/9/2015
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• 9/1/2014

Is anyone still on here?

I just joined this site yesterday and It seems kind of empty. Is there anyone who's still on here that wants to chat?
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• 6/25/2014

Another Story

I'm writing a story which is an AU to my other story, Immortality . Since this will affect my OCs, do I make a seperate article for the OCs for that story or do I add their roles of that story to their article?
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• 5/5/2014

Where did Stagory go?

It used to be there, now it's gone.
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